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Thoughts on Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1 Deep Breath


Will contain spoilers for episode and previous Doctors.  

I was really looking forward to the new season and it pretty much met my exceptions for a mostly good all-round episode for a new Doctor. Last season was a huge disappointment in terms of writing and character development especially for the Doctor’s new companion Clara, who I enjoyed far more in this new episode than I ever did in series seventh. I think she is going to be a much better fit with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor than she ever was with Matt Smith. With the relaunch of Doctor Who my favourite Doctor has been Christopher Eccleston, with a tidy between Matt Smith and David Tennant.  They all have there good points but I do like a Doctor that can own the room, which I think Peter Capaldi will have the commanding present to do that.

So to the episode, we start with a dinosaur in the middle of Victoria London so standard Doctor Who. The Doctor starts the episode confuse, not remembering names and accidentally chatting up say dinosaur from above. As well as Clara we have Jenny, Madame Vastra and Strax who are always fun to see. Who most fans will remember from A Good Man Goes to War. Part of the fun of this episode was the Doctor not being able to remember something vitally important and he still manages to come out on top.  My favourite part of the episode has to be when the Doctor and Clara meet in the restaurant and they both think each other have placed the newspaper ad. It’s feels a bit like a sitcom but the writing and acting just work so well.

While I see why some fans might not like the 11th Doctors appearance at the end of the episode. I completely understand why it would be in character for that version of the Doctor to reassure Clara and he doesn’t want to be left along at such a vulnerable time. The biggest question at the end of Deep Beath, who was that woman? My first thought was a female Time Lord from the Doctors past, during his 6th and 7th incarnations by the name of Rani. I guess with Gallifrey back in place she isn’t the only Time Lord we will see.

Overall if you haven’t already watched it go check it out right now on bbc iplayer.


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